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Coil Winding Machine

 Coil Winding Machine for smart card

Function and Application Brief

The machine adopts PC control, large LCD display for operation, first, it has the PC software graphics, compiled a tracer, and then by three-axis drive servo system to coils embedding automatically based on pre-programmed moving tracer; coils embedding adopt ultrasonic technology, the entire process automatically controlled automatic operation, simple operation, stable and reliable.


1. Adopt American advanced ultrasound coils embedding technology
2. Using servo positioning to ensure accurate location.
3. According to the needs of different layouts specifications, rotatable for various shapes of antennas.
4. Material installation uses pin positioning, vac-sorb, convenient and easy to adjust.
5. Can achieve multi-threads winding, increase production speed.

The Main Technical Parameters


AC 220V 50/60 HZ

Control form

PLC Program control + servo system

Aggregate capacity


Number of operators


Gas source

6 kg/c㎡ (Dispense water

Overall dimensions

L2100xW1250xH1850 mm

Gas consumption

About 80L/min

Wires  distance

Minimum not less than 0.2MM


About 800Kg

Applicable wire diameter

Diameter0.1-0.15mm(brass wire)

Production quantity

About 2500-3000 coils/hour

Material Specification

Thickness of 0.15-0.4mmPVC, ABS,PET, PETG,etc