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Enterprise scale

Dongguan SFW intelligent technology have 8000 square meters independent plant,100sets of advanced production equipment ,more than 200 highly qualified professionals ,are dedicated in smart card inlays of different frequency, our monthly inlay yield is 30million,1.5 million epoxy card ,strong technical strength and capacity ensures that all the products produced exceeds customers’ requirements.




Enterprise Quality

In order to ensure the expected product quality, From the plant layout to production process , All are subject to the industry standards, thus to protect the production process from the adverse impact of external factors.

Our high standards and strict requirements for chips and substrates procurement assures the product quality and authenticity.

Under strict ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and production processes , product manufacturing process can be improved dramatically.

10 professional technical team responsible for product development and quality track, More than 30 people QC team to guarantee product quality and delivery, to ensure that customers receive high quality products.

SFW on the pursuit of quality products and services, relying on professional technical team, advanced automated production equipment and perfected process, SFW Technology Co., Ltd. has established long-term relationship with industry’s well-known companies.

SFW zhiliang


We integrate upstream and downstream resources, improving the industrial chain, standardizing processes, improving efficiency, controlling the loss at the largest degree, so that we not only have a superior quality of goods but also a competitive price, which lead to a long-term stable cooperative relationship with our customers.


Enterprise R & D

SFW integrate the strong development strength, large-scale production with marketing to make it a smart card solutions provider, we can develop new products and card making equipments according to customers’ requests.

sfw yanfa
sfw yanfa1


Facing the card making industry with open-up mindset, seeking and establish cooperative partnership,Professional inlay manufacture do the not so important but necessary part for you and help you cut your budget along the way. Simplify production process and increase yield ,consequently decreasing manufacturing costs in the long run. Improve the robustness of the card using fully automated wiring and soldering machine to connect the chip and antenna ,decreasing the yield loss.

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