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117th Spring Canton Fair

来源:行业动态 Published: 20 March 2015 Share

SFW as one of the leaders in smart card industry , specializes in manufacturing a series of RFID and smart card products. After the 2015 Spring Festival, the focus of business began to turn the 117th Canton Fair .

The main technical on this fair include "RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification ) Technology, Sensor Network Technology , Short- Range Communication Technology, Latest Mobile Payment Technology, RFID Tag Production Solutions, Latest Technologies  of The Reader Development, Middle-ware Technology "etc, which are the core technology of this field. Their areas covered include the followings: "traffic , industrial automation , smart grid, smart home , logistics, security, personnel, vehicles , military, asset management, clothing , books, household intelligent, urban management, environmental monitoring" etc. Moreover, with the development of networking technology and innovation , it will be involved in a wider and broader areas in the future.

For this exhibition, SFW also like to take this opportunity to promote smart card products and corporate with the reputations, and also to exchange information with related industries, learn together , to accelerate the progress of the enterprise .That is why Trusting Card meant to participate in this show,to show our flagship product,at the same time to send part of the clerk and other marketing staff to visit and understood the industry 's innovative products and the latest technology , better acquainted RFID market, in this way, we can enhance their professionalism, and also promote the development of our enterprise.