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The smart card industry two decades History records

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Eighth China ( Shenzhen ) International Finance Exposition ( hereinafter referred to as the "Golden Fair" ) , take "promote financial reform and innovation,help enterprises to upgrade "as its theme, will be held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 1 pavilion in November 6-8. By then , more than 200 participating organizations will provide thousand kinds of financial products, more than 30 matchmaking industry and finance , promotion, professional forums, industry conferences. The Golden Fair held by China International Trade Promotion Committee, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, China International Capital Corporation Limited, Shenzhen Trade Promotion Committee etc. has become the largest and most influential financial event, selected as the" China Top Ten Influential brand Show ", which benefited from the status of Shenzhen as a national financial center,good financial environment for innovation , sound financial institutions formats, rich and innovative products and services. During the exhibition , the professionals, small and micro enterprises , the general public will be offered free admission to enjoy the financial feast.

Internet banking trend , highlighting the forms of financial innovation

Golden Fair this year will be held in Hall 1 of the exhibition center, exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, more than 200 exhibitors, the exhibition area was divided into eight zones, including banks and guarantees galleries, securities, funds, Futures and micro-finance exhibition, insurance exhibition , investment and financing exhibition, financial technology and equipment exhibition, exhibition of Internet banking, offshore banking, and comprehensive financial exhibition etc.. And also settled Qianhai, Nanshan, Longgang venue. Qianhai venue, will promote innovation and development of financial institutions, to promote the internationalization of the RMB cross-border investment and development of Shenzhen-Hong Kong across; As Nanshan venue,will invite 150-200 home industry associations of  listed companies, small and micro enterprises, high-tech enterprises,  will docking with the cooperation of industry and finance promotion; Longgang venue, and the main venue echoed, Longgang financial institutions to expand all-round cooperation, and actively guide the capital to support the industry, has became the best platform for financial institutions and docking channels.

Internet banking as one of the highlights of this Golden Fair, at the exhibition site set up an Internet financial area, showcasing Shenzhen innovative financial formats , Southern Branch network as the first  Chinese investment net, take its O2O business model to provide an open and transparent financing channels for outstanding high-tech projects

At the same time , internet banking associations will be set up , organize related companies jointly issued the Declaration of honesty, integrity and public the dishonest Internet financial firms, to promote the healthy development of innovative financial formats; Internet financial BBS, to explore the collision and fusion of innovative finance and traditional finance; Internet lectures on financial planning,  to help the people get financial investment disseminate knowledge, reduce financial risk; the invitation of Internet investment and financing service platform presentation and promotion,to provide an open and transparent financing channel for outstanding high-tech projects.

The most popular selection of financial products, the most popular type of financial APP contest will also be held in the same period, to recommend good financial products to the people, better service to people.

According to bank card fraud issues., Banking Association, the Public Security Bureau relevant departments will also be invited to this show to  organize a bank card fraud prevention education activities, risk education and training seminars, using Photo Gallery, video player, case study methods, and from different aspects, to let people acquire of the anti-fraud knowledge and information,and promote scientific financial management.

Golden Fair will focus on Internet financial innovation and pragmatic cooperation and exchanges, P2P pattern continually burst strong market demand and momentum, risk and regulatory issues upgraded again.

All kinds of banks have begun to accelerate the transition, fully take that advantage of the Internet thinking impressively. At the same time, Monetary fund heat slightly down, when its market position became stable, The raise pattern become the new darling of the people in terms of investment and financial management. Against this background, the current Golden Fair take "fusion of breaking - a new era of growth" as the fair theme, senior industry leaders will be invited to poke financial elite fog, open financial perspective, the industry excellent company will share practical experience of the field, part of the 2014 top 10 financial innovation winner in charge will come to the scene, sharing the story of wealth,formed the first O2O financial lecture. Forum elite gathering, presenting thoughts feast, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank ,shenzhen Branch Zhang Yaolin (former vice president of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank of China, Bank of China Deputy Governor Ping), Taiwan and China Trust Commercial Bank Executive Vice President Liu Yi Cheng (Deputy Secretary General of the Taiwan Association of Banks , former chairman of Taiwan's travel card), Taiwan Taishin Financial Holding Group - Taishin international investment and Development chairman and general manager of Taishin venture Lin Yu-Sheng and other invited guests attended the session as Golden Fair.