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Songshanhu day tour

Unconsciously, spring quietly came to us, everything just like rebirth, it was the best time of the season outing. Embark on soft grass, the breeze, the grass who have shaken himself, scrambling to open curious eyes to enjoy this magical and wonderful world. Warm spring breeze blowing cheeks softly. Particularly comfortable, it would be nice to lay on the grass, basking in the sun, and have a snap there!

Songshan Lake Baihuazhou, I saw a whole garden flowers, picturesque scenery full of vigor, flower beds here and there. All of a sudden, feel like into a fairyland. Standing in the doorway, a large flower bed caught into sight. Colorful flowers together into one pattern, very beautiful! Bypassing the flower beds,walking along the path, the cherry blossoms are open.

It looks just like the clouds in the sky, extraordinarily beautiful. Pink magnolia, white Magnolia,purple Magnolia, they bloom, blossoming like beautiful lady in a palace . Begonia flowers more compelling, showering in the sunshine, reveals a faint fragrance. The addictive tulip has been opened too, colorful, exceptionally beautiful. She is like a small glass aloft, welcoming friends from far, it is the beautiful scene that drunk people. Lavender, sunflowers, roses etc all are blossom, each just like compete with each other and can not wait to show their beauty to all.

Today, we all have fun together, breathing the air of nature, especially good mood. Now people carrier a huge work pressure,its really necessary to come out and have fun, is a good way unpacked! Would you still wanna be otaku, oh, no, come on, just join in the nature!